TwiCore starts working on OpenOTH

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We, at TwiCore, have started to work on an open-source online treasure hunt application, named OpenOTH for the time being. It is mainly targeted for use in online treasure hunt games conducted by various techfests. However, the scope of OpenOTH will not be limited to this.

Work on the project has just begun and it is still incomplete. So, please do not try to use it for production purposes.

A briefing


OpenOTH is released under GNU General Public License 3.

Project Hosting and Download

OpenOTH is hosted on Launchpad. You can find the source and download options at OpenOTH Project Page in Launchpad.

What is being used?

OpenOTH is being developed using CodeIgniter 1.7.2 in PHP and MySQL.

What will OpenOTH do?

  • It will have its own authentication system, i.e. users will have to register to play. We also plan to provide support for OpenID in near future.

  • A scalable application for conducting puzzle quizzes with interactive questions, such as video, audio or image.

  • A scoring system for tracking scores.

  • Integrated administration system for managing quizzes, statistics, users and communication.