On introversion

It is about being most comfortable with one’s own self. It may or may not include some trusted people to share thoughts with. Introversion shines only if it gets the right levels of resonance. But that is rare. Very rare. That is not to say, “everyone is stupid”. It is more like, “I like being who I am. Please, let me be.” Continue reading

Debug pseudo-classes in Firefox DevTools

One of the new features in Firefox DevTools is the ability to debug CSS pseudo-classes straight from the Inspector. This includes :hover, :focus and :active.

There is a new icon lodged neatly in the top right corner of the CSS pane of the DOM Inspector. Clicking it will toggle the pseudo classes. This makes debugging debugging these pseudo classes a breeze. :-) Continue reading

Tech Evangelism Workshop – Take 1

This weekend, I had organized the first iteration of Tech Evangelism Workshop at the Mozilla Community Space in Bangalore. The core goal of this workshop was to enable community members to get more confident at presenting themselves and get better at their communication skills.

Participants were asked to choose a topic at the beginning of Day 1. The goal was to get them to build reusable content and, in the process, figure out a method of researching that works from. They presented twice on the same topic – once for 2 minutes and then, after some research, for 3 minutes, prepared an abstract of the topic, wrote slides and published blog posts. Continue reading

How to know Why? – I’m writing a book

It’s been some time that I started noting down some of the thought processes I use in my daily life to tackle the monster of real-world. And, I’m writing it as a book, for everyone to read, enjoy or get tortured.

I call it “How to know Why?” and it is being self-published through the lovely guys at LeanPub. I’ve published the first chapter some days back, and I’m working on the second chapter currently. The cover design is by Nayanika 😀 Continue reading

Decentralizing Mozilla India Evangelism Task Force

Some of the key goals of the Mozilla India Task Force Meetup ’15 included ensuring an organizational structure which promotes larger inclusion, allows wider participation and better recognition of contributors. We had precious little time to discuss about the Evangelism Task Force (ETF) in this year’s meetup, but the focus was to build an inter-disciplinary and decentralized team. Continue reading