Hackathons as startup creation platforms are anti-pattern

Over the last few years, the hackathon fever has caught the entire world. It is a big thing in India as well, especially, in the technology-heavy cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. Hackathons, as the name suggests, were constructed as a short time (24-48 hours) of solid energy where participants hacked on problems with a free mind.

It is a very important cultural manifestation of this generation. The whole idea of getting together to solve hard-to-break problems in a dedicated time has been revolutionary.

And, given enough saturation time, a revolutionary idea can eventually become a legacy baggage.

Increasingly, there is a growth in large scale hackathon events, where the focus is to encourage gang of enthusiastic people to come up with viable businesses ideas. I’ve been in the mentor panel in some of them, and I’ve seen brilliantly technical ideas getting sidelined and short-term hacks getting priorities. Continue reading