Tech Evangelism Workshop - Take 1

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This weekend, I had organized the first iteration of Tech Evangelism Workshop at the Mozilla Community Space in Bangalore. The core goal of this workshop was to enable community members to get more confident at presenting themselves and get better at their communication skills.

Participants were asked to choose a topic at the beginning of Day 1. The goal was to get them to build reusable content and, in the process, figure out a method of researching that works from. They presented twice on the same topic - once for 2 minutes and then, after some research, for 3 minutes, prepared an abstract of the topic, wrote slides and published blog posts.


We had streamed live on both the days. The recordings are available here:

List of stuff published

Talk abstracts:


Now, that was quite a good deal of work and some good amount of energy! I’m hoping to run another iteration of the workshop, given that some interested people were missed out this time due to clashing schedules. Hopefully, some of the participants this time can help in the next runs :-)

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