Kranky Geek India Tour 2017

Kranky Geek is coming to India on a 3 city WebRTC tour this March - covering Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. We will also have workshops on building RTC apps with TokBox in each city. Grab your seat!

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Exactly one year after the big Kranky Geek in Bangalore last year, the Chief Kranky is coming back to town; this time with the agenda of helping developers learn the ins and outs of WebRTC. These will be hands-on sessions on WebRTC, with food, beverages, lots of RTC goodness and possibly some freebies.

Add to that, we will be doing workshops on building real-time media applications with TokBox. While the Kranky Geek events will focus on WebRTC as a technology, the TokBox events are commercial in nature as they will focus on TokBox SDKs and APIs. TokBox is sponsoring all of these events and we have partnered with the lovely 91Springboard to host our Bangalore and Hyderabad events.

These events are primarily for developers — we plan to go deep into the code and geek out on WebRTC APIs. If you are interested about real-time communication standards or want to get an in-depth understanding of how RTC works in the browser and mobile, these sessions will be an excellent jumpstart in your quest. We will have our experts talk about what the world is doing with WebRTC and how you can push the boundaries. Yours truly will also conduct some of these sessions (bows humbly).

Dates and registration links

Interested? Make sure you register! Here are the dates, venue and registration links. The registration links have more information on what to expect from each event.




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Edit: This post was updated on March 17 with venue for the Chennai events.