How to know Why? - I'm writing a book

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It’s been some time that I started noting down some of the thought processes I use in my daily life to tackle the monster of real-world. And, I’m writing it as a book, for everyone to read, enjoy or get tortured.

I call it “How to know Why?” and it is being self-published through the lovely guys at LeanPub. I’ve published the first chapter some days back, and I’m working on the second chapter currently. The cover design is by Nayanika :-D

Here is what the book’s description reads:

This book is an attempt at putting down my own thought processes into words; making it easy for others to understand them, use those methods as tools for themselves, and make them have some fun at the same time. It builds on a solid foundation of logic and goes on to comparing multiple posible interpretations of similar life situations. At each stage it asks the reader to question; provoking thoughts where it would have been usually passed as something normal. This book aims at questioning even the normal.

It is a journey to uncover the art of questioning using scientific methods. It is a helpbook on argument formation.

I’m writing this for fun. Trying to get some of the creative juices out. You can grab a copy for no cost from the LeanPub website.

It is a work-in-progress, about 8% done at the time of writing this. The content is under a semi-permissive Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Check it out!