A lyrical scream to rap on the state we are in today.

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You did not read the fine print.
People are for profit.
“Go vote, or choke on it”.
This has been a broken system.
How could you not know of it?

You too cannot ask for O2
Even if you swelled up the crowd
They asked you to go to,
Even if you lowered your guards
For good days, (doom) and profit.

How did you miss the fine print?
These days are not for you.
The "good" has fooled you too.
The profit’s not for you.
You are a data point. Yes, you too.

How can you miss the fine print?
The doom is all around.
Sit in your homes and die.
Predators on the ground.
Can’t you feel that howling cry?

Yet, you missed the fine print.
"Doom" was written in the center of it all.
Those beds are not for you.
Sleep on the streets. Yes, you too.
Who can you call when ambulances are hearses?

What's the point in these verses
When surviving is a privilege,
When you may be dead
But being counted is a privilege?
The fine print is now in big bold text.

If you still can’t believe it,
Just go searching, and
You shall find how
  Bodies, they turn, they turn,
They turn up, on
  Pyres, they burn, they burn,
They burn as
  Liars, they run, they run,
They run this show.

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash