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Communication divide continuum

Today's communication technologies still carry on the legacy of divide we face in the real world. Healing this fragmentation requires designing technologies with empathy and inclusivity from the lowest level.

WebRTC isn't magic

WebRTC allows peers to see and talk to each other worldwide in real-time. It can look and sound like magic at the outset, till you learn to wield it.

Why decentralize technology?

The concept of decentralization is used in politics, economics and technology to limit the amount of impact a single, centralized body can have over the ecosystem. Why is it important for the technology we have today to be decentralized?

Privacy in technology

Privacy has many facets. The issue of privacy bothers us in today's ever-more connected world because we do not control its manifestations. Let's look at why and how privacy manifests in the technology around us.

On online activism

The Zen of Open Source

On introversion

Concepts vs facts

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