"Poor Joke", aka, PJ is supposed to be felt, not described

A “Poor Joke”, aka, PJ, is a form of art. It is meant to be felt and realised, not described. A PJ loses its essence when someones needs an explanation of it. It does not mean one has to laugh at it. PJs are addressed to different type of audience, the ones who would calmly understand and crack another in rebuttal. As such, the most successful PJs are the ones which leave a ripple of PJs in their trail.

Take a look at XKCD, the epitome of nerd PJs. You either get it, or you don’t. You get it only if you know the context, otherwise you just stare at it blankly and move over to the next one.

Being able to crack PJs does not make anyone intelligent or talented. Similarly, not understanding one does not make anyone less intelligent. For instance, I doubt either Winston Churchill or Mahatma Gandhi would have ever laughed at the jokes by Randall Munroe, Bill Watterson or PG Wodehouse.

I hope you agree. If you don’t, you may try to press this button.