Kaustav is passionate about technology and its applications in the fields of communication and intelligence. He is one of the co-founders of , a non-profit group dedicated to research on sustainable exponential technologies, currently focusing on communications as the first stage. He also co-founded , a for-profit product outfit that aims to build commercial offerings around high-performance communication solutions using open technologies.

He currently helps , one of the leaders in the WebRTC industry, to connect with developers in APAC, focusing on the Indian maket. Previously, he ran a software consultancy firm called CodeBinders, has been a Developer Evangelist for FusionCharts and worked as a developer at ThoughtWorks on the Gauge team.

He volunteers for where he helps people with public speaking, as part of initiatives like Mozilla Tech Speakers and Rust. He was the Training Lead in the community team that helped bring Firefox OS to India.

He writes on his blog, tweets from @kaustavdm and is writing some books in his free time.

Find him on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Mozillians and Telegram.

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